What We Do

Education is the key to understanding what conflicts are about and how best to address them. Cultural attitudes particular to disparate groups of people are grounded in religious, ethnic, historic, economic, and political beliefs and traditions. Oneblue believes a more effective approach to resolving inter- and intragroup conflicts requires individual citizens to empower themselves with better information on the cultures and diverse perspectives of others.

We aim for the following:

  • Promoting youth-oriented forums that challenge cultural and religious post_2misperceptions and stereotypes
  • Enhancing global civic education by engaging citizens to address local, regional, national and international conflicts, be they violent or latent
  • Offering new and diverse perspectives that are often inaccessible or muted in mainstream media
  • Raising intercultural awareness for better understanding of and empathy toward difference
  • Facilitating connections and networks that culminate in unique relationships, projects and partnerships

We offer three essential  areas of expertise at oneblue

  1. Conflict resolution workshops focused on issues of culture, governance, development, education, and environment particular to the Middle East and South Asia and to Muslim communities worldwide
  2. Education and professional development workshops designed to assist teachers, students, and organizations to better understand the Middle East and Muslim societies
  3. Conflict mediation services for community and state actors, with competitive rates and over 8 years of professional experience.

Recognizing that a wealth of creative thinking and talent is available at campuses and organizations the world over, oneblue welcomes students and fellows from diverse fields of study and educational backgrounds to provide their views and help develop our projects.