Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Training Workshops

workshopsCurrent conflict environments are heavily influenced by modes of communications and technologies available to parties in conflict. Recognizing this, we design and host custom Game Theory based simulation exercise workshops in which a particular real time or devised conflict serves as the backdrop to train participants in political risk and combining new media and digital tools with conflict resolution skills to effect social, political and economic change. These workshops are designed to educate policy makers, professionals and students on the dynamics of conflict environments through various interactive exercises.

Following are our main Conflict Resolution workshop categories:

  • Governance: Transitional Justice, Democracy
  • Political Risk: Positioning, Narratives, Game Theory
  • Violent Extremism: Radicalization, Terrorist Strategy
  • Peacekeeping and Security: Upholding Agreements, Regional Cooperation
  • Intergroup Relations: Factional Conflict, Leadership and Management
  • Civic Participation: Effecting Social Change, Elections
  • Human Rights: Mass Atrocities, International Criminal Law
  • Economic Development: Resources and Infrastructure, Post Conflict Rebuilding
  • Media: Shaping Narratives, Perceptions and Positions
  • Culture : Gender, Religion, Ethnicity, Race, Tradition
  • Education: Access to Education, Post Conflict Systems
  • Youth: Youth Culture, Opportunity and Change
  • Technology: Communications Tools, Modernizing Societies
  • Environment: Chemical and Biological Warfare, Natural Resources

Our workshops are intended for the Military and Government agencies interested in Foreign Policy, National Security, Defense, Conflict Stabilization, Economic Development, Civil Rights, Human Rights and International Relations. We also work with Educational Institutions, mainly Universities and High Schools, as well as Organizations that include NGOs, Non-profits, Religious institutions and Intercultural entities. Private firms and companies interested in conflict and dispute resolution, workplace efficiency and interpersonal relations may also use our workshops as do many Independent Groups of community members and individuals involved in intergroup relations.

Whether identifying areas of concern before they lead to situations of conflict and even violent conflict or finding creative, collaborative solutions for the prevention, management and resolution of ongoing conflict, can help provide an avenue for creative solutions.

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