Conflict Mediation Services offers conflict mediation for workplace, inter communal and interstate conflicts (diplomatic). Certified mediators with expertise in Mediation, Facilitation and Problem Solving provide practical solutions with optimal results for all parties involved. Situated in the hub for political and social diversity in the Washington DC metro area, our certified mediators are constantly engaging with various diplomats and community leaders to offer the best solutions in transforming conflict at all levels.

Creating a safe space for solutions: In order to successfully mediate a conflict at any level, it is essential to create an environment in which all participants can safely express their concerns and trust the confidentiality of their environment. By offering unbiased services, our mediators are able to effectively manage and transform conflict with creative, custom solutions that address the needs of all involved.

Collaborative and Cooperative: In conjunction with oneblue's neutral reputation, it requires that all parties engage in a spirit of cooperation and with the ability to accept compromise in a collaborative manner. Our goal is to ensure that parties to a conflict emerge from their predicament with a win-win solution that allows them to move forward. If collaboration can be achieved, then practical solutions can be achieved.

Cost effective strategy: Litigation can be expensive and time consuming. Often our solutions can provide avenues that will not require a heavy investment in legal fees. Our competitive billable rates compared to litigation can be the best way to reach the right settlement for you.