Portfolio Category: Past

PSOTEW US Army Peace and Stability Operations Training & Education Workshops 2015

oneblue.org joined The Director, Force Readiness and Training, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Readiness) teams, the U.S. Army War College's Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI), and other stakeholders at a workshop at Fort McNair, National Defense University (NDU) in Washington, DC, April 14-16, 2015.

The PSOTEW invited trainers, practitioners, planners, and educators from U.S. and international governmental and military organizations, non-governmental organizations, peace and stability training centers, and academic institutions to review training and education efforts for current stability and peace operations.

oneblue.org assisted in developing recommendations in Working Group 4: "Facilitating Cross-Sector Support to Economic Stabilization in Post-Conflict and Fragile States", a workshop specifically sponsored by the U.S. Army War College's Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI).

“Syria” Conflict Resolution Training Workshop 2013

This complicated conflict workshop featured factions within Syria as multifaceted coalitions in an effort to explain the intricate nature of combat in the region. Various media tools allowed workshop participants to engage in dissecting root causes while emulating actions and strategies of each group.


“Iran Resolved” Workshop

Using three factions within the Irani political landscape, this workshop allowed participants to navigate imaginary scenarios by simulating the behaviors of the particular group they chose to role play. New media technologies allowed virtual and actual participation so that a robust environment of communications with woven in conflict resolution skills training allowed a deeper understanding of the dynamics of Iran’s political risk elements. 


US Department of State Fellowships: Egypt 2012 & Syria 2013

Every year the US Department of State interviews and selects up to sixty-five eligible individuals to receive a Community Solutions Program fellowship through IREX. During this fellowship, the individuals are placed in US community-based non-profits or government offices across America to work with US community leaders.

These leaders work through the Community Leadership Institute (CLI) to develop organizational and leadership skills via personal trainings. They then use their partnership with the American host organization to develop their own “follow-on” community project or strategy to implement upon return to their native countries.