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Conflict Resolution Simulation Exercise Training Workshops

Workshops for Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict cannot be examined without recognizing the vital role of mass communication in a world where narratives are constantly shaped by instantaneous and diverse messages.

We have witnessed revolutions in the Middle East and global social movements in which people are effecting change. Our individual and collective environments are heavily influenced by media cultures that continuously alter the manner in which we perceive and manage interpersonal, inter-organizational and international relationships.

oneblue’s Conflict Resolution workshops are designed and presented by Sarah Cochran. As a seasoned practitioner, she offers custom approaches to examining conflict. Participants attend in person or online through live streaming as they use various forms of social media to simultaneously engage in interactive role playing exercises, combining specific Conflict Resolution...

Education & Professional Development Workshops

As a leader in education or your community, you know how important it is to address the stereotypes and lack of knowledge that create deep misunderstanding that can divide us and precipitate conflict. Let us develop a customized professional development workshop or community event with you to address issues of historical understanding or of how misperceptions of Islam and Muslims may be affecting your local community. Workshops are presented by Barbara Petzen, who has a long and strong track record of working with educators and communities nationwide to address stereotypes and gaps in knowledge about Arabs, the Middle East and Muslims. She has written curriculum and designed programs in partnership with a wide variety of educational and cultural organizations across the country. Participants in her programs consistently recognize her broad and deep...

IREX – Community Solutions Program (CSP) Host

oneblue.org is an annual US State Department host for Fellows from conflict zones throughout the world, who are carefully selected and matched with US based organizations working to provide professional development in the areas of Transparency and Accountability, Tolerance and Conflict Resolution, Environmental Issues, and Women and Gender Issues . IREX’s Community Solutions Program (CSP) sponsors each chosen community leader to work with a US host organization in learning skills that they can apply upon return to their communities.

Through involvement in the various projects that oneblue.org engages in, these individuals develop the means to craft their own unique solutions to conflict. They receive a stipend and tools to participate in the program and collaborate with oneblue.org to design...

Abdel Kader Film Project – The story of a just Arab leader

oneblue.org is working with various collaborators in Los Angeles and Washington DC to fund and promote the making of a blockbuster Hollywood film about Abdel Kader Al Jazaeri.

From its earlier partnership with author John W Kiser and his Abdel Kader Education Project , oneblue.org has been responsible for developing projects such as a High School Essay competition in which students read the biography of the namesake of the city of Elkader, Iowa and write about overcoming stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims.

Why this film matters (from a Conflict perspective)

1. Current events in the Middle East beg the question of the relevance of “just leadership” in that region and contrast completely with the norms...