• Conflict Resolution Simulation Exercise Training Workshops

    Conflict Resolution Simulation Exercise

    Workshops for Conflict Resolution Training Conflict cannot be examined without recognizing the vital role of mass communication in a world…

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  • Education & Professional Development Workshops

    Education & Professional Developmen

    As a leader in education or your community, you know how important it is to address the stereotypes and lack…

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  • IREX – Community Solutions Program (CSP) Host

    IREX – Community Solutions Program is an annual US State Department host for Fellows from conflict zones throughout the world, who are carefully selected…

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  • Abdel Kader Film Project – The story of a just Arab leader

    Abdel Kader Film Project – The sto is working with various collaborators in Los Angeles and Washington DC to fund and promote the making of a…

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  • “Beyond Right & Wrong”  Screenings and Discussions

    “Beyond Right & Wrong”

    In an effort to bring stories of reconciliation and restorative justice to the forefront, has teamed up with the…

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  • PSOTEW US Army Peace and Stability Operations Training & Education Workshops 2015

    PSOTEW US Army Peace and Stability Opera joined The Director, Force Readiness and Training, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Readiness) teams, the U.S.…

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  • “Syria” Conflict Resolution Training Workshop 2013

    “Syria” Conflict Resolution

    This complicated conflict workshop featured factions within Syria as multifaceted coalitions in an effort to explain the intricate nature of…

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  • “Iran Resolved” Workshop

    “Iran Resolved” Workshop

    Using three factions within the Irani political landscape, this workshop allowed participants to navigate imaginary scenarios by simulating the behaviors…

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  • US Department of State Fellowships: Egypt 2012 & Syria 2013

    US Department of State Fellowships: Egyp

    Every year the US Department of State interviews and selects up to sixty-five eligible individuals┬áto receive a Community Solutions Program…

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