Why We Matter

The Need for Hands on, Interactive Tools for Conflict

chessOur Conflict Resolution Workshops are unique: Practitioners and students in the area of Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy are faced with the challenge of understanding conflict in a digital world and meeting the needs of those on the ground during conflict within such a context. Conflict environments are now increasingly dynamic and complex as information is more widely, freely and quickly exchanged in sophisticated manners that include mobile technology, the internet and various other digital tools.

Oneblue.org conducts Conflict Resolution workshops using digital and media elements combined with theoretical principles of conflict analysis and resolution. The purpose of these workshops is to prepare professionals and students seeking careers in foreign policy for the realities of today’s modes of communications in managing and transforming conflict. Workshop participants learn the relevance of media literacy and its importance within the realm of conflict by using the tools made available in specific workshop exercises and combining them with theoretical concepts from the discipline of conflict analysis and resolution.

Using a customized solutions-based approach, these workshops provide simulation exercises in which real world conflicts (latent and violent) unfold under different scenarios as participants are taught to use both virtual and physical media tools along with practically guided theoretical frameworks. From learning about general factional tensions to focusing on specific matters of transitional justice and governance; human and civil rights; economic development; gender issues; environmental concerns; displaced populations and cultural and ethnic strife, the workshops offer an opportunity to understand and learn the most effective means of addressing the particular and holistic approaches to conflict analysis and resolution.



Our Education Workshops have a proven track record: As a leader in education or your community, you know how important it is to address the stereotypes and lack of knowledge that create deep misunderstanding that can divide us and precipitate conflict. Let us develop a customized professional development workshop or community event with you to address issues of historical understanding or of how misperceptions of Islam and Muslims may be affecting your local community.

Workshops are presented by Barbara Petzen, who has a long and strong track record of working with educators and communities nationwide to address stereotypes and gaps in knowledge about Arabs, the Middle East and Muslims. She has written curriculum and designed programs in partnership with a wide variety of educational and cultural organizations across the country. Participants in her programs consistently recognize her broad and deep knowledge of the issues she addresses, her energetic and interactive style, and the excellence of the resources she introduces.

Barbara will come to your school, school system or organization to work with educators, students and members of the community, using her signature hands-on, engaging and nonpartisan approach to encourage participants to develop new ways to think and teach about the Middle East and Muslims.



mediationOur Certified Mediators are the best: Whether the dispute is between communities, state actors or within factions in a conflict, our mediators create a safe space for neutral approaches to problem solving. We are experienced in cross-cultural understanding as well as the politics and histories of various regions of the world, giving us a unique ability to access players and policy makers in the proximity of the larger Washington DC Metro area.

Too often, the respect and knowledge required to facilitate and devise creative solutions that embody compromise and sustainable answers are inadequate. Professionals at oneblue.org have a proven, professional approach to providing agreements that parties to conflict desire without the worries associated with hiring legal professionals. oneblue.org offers the confidential, voluntary and skilled environment needed to resolve matters both cost effectively and for a win-win outcome.