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Conflict Coverage and The Al Jazeera Arabic News Mediology: Shaping Cultural Identity in the Middle East

The following is a one paragraph excerpt. For the full article, click here Conflict in a postmodern paradigm isn’t simply about sophisticated warfare, complicated sting operations and precision weaponry. Just as postmodernists Foucualt, Derrida , Debord and Rorty challenge the adaptability of theoretical constructs surrounding media production and consumption, parties to a conflict must “deconstructively” adapt at every moment to the speed at which information alters the landscape of battle grounds the world over. Conflict (and Conflict Resolution) depends increasingly on media perceptions and the informational value systems that form “cultural identity” – the diverse aggregates of ethnic, religious, racial, historic, geographical and socio-economic norms within society....

US Drones in Pakistan: The Information Problem

The following is a one paragraph excerpt from the Spring 2013 issue of Democracy and Society. For the full article starting on page 17, click here Perhaps the most controversial foreign policy legacy of the Obama administration will be its use of the “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” (UAV), or “drone”. No single 21st century war tool challenges more our contemporary notions of ethical warfare, the preponderance of military and cultural hegemony, standards of international law, humanitarian codes of engagement, and the quest for transparency in the information age. Modern warfare is far more complicated in a globalizing world paradigm, where perceptions are influenced by the availability of multiple perspectives and several channels of mass communication during conflict. It is in this environment that the efficacy of drones as a means for eliminating...

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