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Lessons Learned from Norway’s Mediation of the Sri Lankan Civil War

In looking at the case the Sri Lankan civil war case, as a whole is a great case study for understanding the socio and political build-up of a conflict, the breakdown of commitments due to underlying interests, and the challenges of third party mediation. In this brief essay, it will cover the key causes leading up to the conflict, the build-up/stages of the conflict, and lastly the attempts of mediation in order to further prevent all of the actors involved going any further down the rabbit hole. The Root Causes of the Civil War At the core of the Sri Lankan civil lies the issue of ethnic politics, which in one shape or another lead to the creation of offshoot issues. Delving into the issue of ethnic politics, the issues that come...

Lessons Learned from Mediating the Camp David Accords

Understanding the context prior to the talks, in its initial phases, and its evolution are key to understanding and bridging the gap between theories of mediation and its implementation in practice due to the talk’s evolving nature. It is the evolving nature of the Camp David Accords, which is of interest due to the fact that it first starts off, from the standpoint of mediation, following in line with the classical framework of mediation (the usage of low amounts of coercion), and then said framework has to readjust due to the breakdown in the process of ownership between Egypt and Israel. Additionally, it is this break down in owning the process that leads the US to break away from the classical framework of being a passive mediator that led them...

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