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Strategies for Conflict Transformation

Conflict Resolution

oneblue's conflict resolution workshops offer an interactive and engaging environment for examining ongoing conflicts. Participants use new media tools to understand the complex dynamics of conflict landscapes and creatively devise solutions in a collaborative process. We work closely with our clients and partners to tailor each workshop to achieve the best use of technology and conflict resolution skills.


The most fundamental step in resolving conflict is education. Middle East Connections offers innovative, multimedia workshops to help teachers, students and community organizations nationwide undermine stereotypes, introduce multiple perspectives, and focus on complex understandings of the Middle East and Muslims. We customize our workshops to fit your curriculum needs and address issues important to you.


Our web-based video platform, oneblue.tv, introduces a wide variety of content featuring diverse stories and perspectives on conflict and global issues. By creating interactive space for discussions online, we encourage critical thinking about cultural misconceptions and current topics including gender, youth, international politics, and social and economic transformation.